Does your carpet have stains that need to be removed? Do the carpets smell a bit musty? On Track Cleaning uses the high-powered hot water extraction method for carpet cleaning to remove dirt, pollen, millions of dust mites, allergens and a wide variety of stains.

A proven and recommended method of deep cleaning your carpets will restore your carpets to their original comfort and beauty, smelling cleaner and leave you comforted knowing your baby is safe to crawl on your carpet.

If your carpet has become dirty over the years give us a call or contact us through the enquiry form to the right. You will find our prices are very competitive.

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    Your carpet, in many ways, is a statement of your homes character, but is it telling the wrong story? Over time, impurities such as grime, dust, pollen and pet hair lodge into the fabric of your carpet and it becomes very difficult to vacuum out all the debris. Hot soapy water is powerfully driven into the carpet to the base but not through it leaving it to dry out in just a few hours (weather dependent). Removing all those allergens, dust mites and pollen that cause sneezing. Make sure to clean your carpet every year to remove sand, this stops your carpet wearing out, and can double the life of it.

    Please note not all stains can be removed e.g Bleach, burns, black edging, pot plant stains, worn down walking areas and some dye stains.